Monday, January 19, 2009

Ten beauty tips for the indian bride-to-be..

Ten beauty tips for the indian bride-to-be:

* Decide on your choice of beautician well in advance so that she begins with you well before the date. This also helps the beautician to organize herself as well as get acquainted with the client, which is very important. She not only gets to know her preferences as regards her hair-do, make-up and clothes but also gets to know her as a person.

* If you have a chronic pimple problem or any other skin problem see a doctor first then your beautician as pimples are primarily related to bad digestion.

* Begin your skin care routine by cleansing your face with a mixture of natural products like curd, besan, haldi, honey, milk and limejuice. Apply this after washing your face with a gentle face wash.

* When you return home after a hectic day of shopping, wash your face and apply sandalwood paste.

* Do not indulge in junk or fried foods at least for about three months prior to your wedding day.

* Take care of your hair by either wearing a scarf or a cap when outdoors. A good shampoo and conditioner at least twice or thrice a week is essential. Plus get a warm oil massage every few days to keep the lustre and sheen. Nothing like a good egg yolk rubbed in your scalp. This will give it the shine and bounce, as it is a great conditioner.

* Make sure you are not constipated as this will show on your face.

* If you plan on wearing a sari for the occasion, practice the art of wearing the sari along with your jewellery and the high heels so that you get used to it. Very often the sari is so heavy that if worn at the last minute the bride just cannot sit or stand comfortably.

* If you plan on wearing cosmetic lenses for your marriage, do practice wearing them well ahead of time. Very often it so happens that lenses cause red eyes or watering from the eyes.

* A complete hair, make-up and dress trial at least four months as a lot of loose ends can be tied up. Besides if you wish to make some changes it may not be possible at the last moment.

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